@ DEF CON 30

CMD+CTRL Cyber Range is an interactive learning and hacking platform where development, security, IT, and other roles come together to build an appreciation for protecting the enterprise. Players learn security techniques in a real-world environment where they compete to find vulnerabilities. Real-time scoring keeps everyone engaged and creates friendly competition. Our Cloud and App Cyber Ranges incorporate authentic, fully functioning applications and vulnerabilities often found in commercial web platforms.

At DEF CON 30: We will be debuting our latest Cloud Cyber Range, which focuses on exploiting a modern email marketing platform comprised of web applications, services, and a variety of cloud resources. Inspired by the latest trends and real world exploits, try your hands at bypassing a WAF, HTTP Desync, postMessage XSS, RCE, MFA bypass, and so, so much more! With twice as many challenges as our past Cloud Ranges do you think you can complete them all?

Competition Information

This year we are happy to announce that we will be returning to DEF CON in person. We will be running this event both on site and online via Discord. We will be accepting up to 250 players, on a first to register, first to play basis.

Start 08/12/22 10:00 AM PT
End 08/13/22 04:00 PM PT
Location In person, Discord

Registration is open now, we will be accepting the first 250 applicants.

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